The Song Mill​​
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As of 2019, with a steady flow of projects, The Song Mill has expanded it's team of professional producers, engineers and session musicians who work together on all the projects we bring in.  
As a result, we can now boast a combined total of over 100 years of studio experience!   

Lead producer/engineer Michael Lewis is closing in on 35 years of studio experience with tens of thousands of hours working on projects in over 20 studios in a half dozen states.  

Michael is passionate about audiophile quality and will go to great lengths to make sure every project meets the highest standards of quality.  Joining Michael are Producer/Engineer/Arranger/Keyboard master Ted Wilson, Engineer/Mixer Marv Treutel, Drummer/Engineer/Producer Brian Fullen, Engineer/Editor/Producer/Session Vocalist Bridgette Lewis and Producer/Engineer/Keyboardist Jordan Lewis.  

Every single member of our team either has a Nashville background or
currently works from Nashville as a Song Mill affiliate.  

Far beyond recording and production, this team is extremely gifted with a
wide variety of talents, too extensive to list here.  

Additionally, we have easy access to some of the world's finest
session musicians and session vocalists in the Northwest and Nashville.

Trust the Song Mill to help take your project to a level that will
make a positive impact for your career.
Jordan Lewis in studio B at the Song Mill
 Michael Lewis 
Bridgette Lewis  
Jordan Lewis