The Song Mill​​
International Recording Studio, Production House and More...
Pricing --

Studio Time (A Room) $65. per hour (includes engineer)
Studio Time (B Room) $50. per hour (includes engineer)

Studio with Producer $75. per hour

Video Production Rates:
Filming -- $100 an hour (2 man crew)
Video Editing -- $65 per hour

Session players -- prices vary, call for quotes.  We have top notch players at pretty much every instrument.


Current Specials:
The Song Mill isn't currently running any specials, however, we will work with you to accomplish your project goals and maximize your budget.


Fine Print:
When paying via PayPal and/or Credit Card, 3% will be added to the total to cover these fees.

​This is an overview of our price structure. Actual prices and costs vary according to the project and the services required. Prices for session players can also vary widely, prices quoted  are only an estimate.  You will be responsible for all studio time and session fees required to fulfill your requests.

A request for services is a contract which obligates you to pay for the services we perform for you. We bill daily unless a weekly or biweekly arrangement is made in advance. Once services are performed, you will be invoiced for the services and associated fees.  The invoice total is due in full at the time you are invoiced.  If your invoice is not paid within 30 days, you will be subject to late fees and collection fees if required to collect on your invoice.  

Masters are not released unless your invoice is current and paid in full (if paying by check this means that your check has cleared.)

If you'd like your masters on a hard drive or thumb drive, you will need to provide us with the media storage that we can transfer to.  Transfers are performed at normal studio rates.

We guarantee the quality of our recordings.  If it's not right, we'll fix it.