The Song Mill​​
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One Street Over - LA Boys
RnB-Pop Music Video
Cover of a song originally written and released by Charlie Puth on his 2018 release "Voicenotes."  This cover was produced by Michael Lewis, additional engineering, Jordan Lewis and Bridgette Lewis.  Lead and background vocals; Bridgette Lewis. Percussion production by Jordan Lewis, Guitars, background vocals, Hammond B3, bass and keyboards by Michael Lewis. Music video filmed by Jordan Lewis, edited by Michael Lewis.​
Michael Lewis - Sky Blue
Contemporary Pop-Country
Written, Produced and Recorded by Michael Lewis.  Additional engineering by Bridgette and Jordan Lewis. Lead vocal and guitar by Michael Lewis, background vocals Bridgette Lewis, Drums Brian Fullen, Bass John Billings, Hammond B3 Ken Williams.  Video filmed by Jordan Lewis, edited by Jordan and Michael Lewis.

Marcus Wayne -
Clouds of Bellamy - Classic Rock

Written by Marcus Wayne and Michael Lewis.  Lead vocals; Marcus Wayne.  Instrumentation, Background Vocals and Production by Michael Lewis. Drums; Brian Fullen. Background vocals and additional engineering; Bridgette Lewis.  Video assembled by Jordan Lewis.

One Street Over -
Give Me One Reason - Blues

Written by Tracy Chapman. Drums, guitars and vocals tracked at Spokane Falls Community College.  Drums - Michael Waldrop.  Bass, guitars and Hammond B3 - Michael Lewis. Lead Vocals - Bridgette Lewis.  Tracking engineered by the SFCC recording class.  Mixed and mastered by Michael Lewis.  Filmed by Jordan Lewis.

Inventioning Band 
   Onward - Prog Rock Ballad    

Cover of a song performed by the Progressive Rock band YES in the late 70's.  Produced by Michael Lewis, additional engineering; Bridgette Lewis.  Lead vocals; Bridgette Lewis, Guitars, background vocals, Hammond B3 and orchestration; Michael Lewis, Drums; Brian Fullen, Bass; Adam Nitti. Mastered by Vestman Mastering L.A. 
Music video filmed by Jordan Lewis and
edited by Michael Lewis.​

Michael Lewis 
Blue Street - Jazz

Written, performed, mixed and mastered by Michael Lewis.  Brian Fullen - Drums.  Filmed by Jordan Lewis

Christopher Paul -
Beyond This Place - Contemporary Christian

Recorded at Michael Lewis Music in Nashville and at Christopher Paul's studio.  Mixed and mastered by Michael Lewis. Christopher Paul - lead vocals and guitars, Brian Fullen -Drums, Michael Lewis bass,  keyboards and background vocals, Bridgette Lewis background vocals.

Inventioning -
Walking Talking - Prog. Rock
Featuring Rock and Roll Hall of famer: Jon Anderson
(The Voice of YES)

Produced by Michael Lewis and released in 2014, this song was recorded at the Song Mill Studios in Mead, Wa.  Featuring lead vocalist Jon Anderson, Brian Fullen on drums, Adam Nitti on bass, Michael Lewis on guitar and keyboards, Bridgette and Michael Lewis on background vocals.  Mastered by Vestman Mastering in L.A.

Michael Waldrop Big Band 
Origin Suite - Big Band and
​Contemporary Jazz

This interview video was put produced, filmed and edited by Jordan Lewis here at the Song Mill.  The video and audio for Michael Waldrop's speaking portion of this presentation was also recorded right here in our control room.  Many overdubs for the Origin Suite project were recorded here at
The Song Mill.